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We Loved Magic and Trading Card Games so we started a Community


Meet the Founding Board Members

TheSmango Johnathan Howard

Johnathan Howard


Alex Arnett

[Vice President][MTG Master]

Anthony Carty


Wesley Cole


Micah Franks

[Board Memeber][Flesh & Blood Master]


Brad Bailey, Neil Borders, and Sean Watkins


AppalachiaTCG Logo Salyersville, KY (Magoffin County)

We started the community because we got tired of not having people to play our nerdy card game with. After starting a group on facebook the group has continued to grow and has gotten great feedback. We plan on doing giveaways, tournaments, and more events.

Our overall goal is to meet new friends, teach people about collecting, and playing all of these games.

If the community continues to grow maybe one day Magoffin County can get its first hobby store but right now we are wanting to build interest and teach and invite people out to play.