Necessary Evil - C1

Campaign 1

DM - Micah

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The Story so Far...

Larry The Security Guard was killed may Larry rest in peace. The Heroes and The Villains have met at a museum which has the bio weapon which appears to be a undead of some sort who has risen out of the sarcophagus. Fights broke out between the groups and just as a few where about to exchange blows again, giant eggs or pods crashed onto the ground.

Session 2 

Session 2.5-3

Session 4 (2 July 2024)

Appalachia TCG  Magoffion County Kentucky Necessary Evil Savage Worlds 2024

Session 5 (7 July 2024)

R.I.P Larry 6/11/2024

What Sesions 2 might've looked like

Savage Worlds Necessary Evil Speedster Hero Smango TheSmango Appalachiatcg

Smango the Speedster